What A Week!

Wow, ok, so this update is from January 21st to January 27th..

It is ridiculous how busy my life has been; just living in the Now & enjoying the life out of it!

So, a week ago (Saturday, the 21st) I played pool (& played it fairly well, I might add) with my friends Keaton, Clay, and Zane.  Between games we went to grab some food and giant cheep drinks at Cheddar’s.  Probably not the best restaurant for a vegan, haha, but I found a delicious salad and filled up on those drinks!  It was such a fun night!  I love chillin with my boys.  <3

On Sunday, I went to my first book club meeting!  I have been wanting to join a book club for… too long!  And now I am in one!  Yipee!  Haha, for this meeting I hadn’t read the book because my sister, DonNell, just invited me to meet the girls, socialize, see if I liked it, etc.  Well, the women I met were awesome!  They were all so welcoming and full of fun drama (oh what a contrast from hanging out with my boys the day before, haha).  The meeting went much like DonNell had said it would..  Everyone gets together once a month to discuss a book for about 10-20 minutes, then eats (pot-luck style; the best style) and drinks and catches up on life.  This next month we are all going to read The Night Circus and I will actually read it and hopefully spark up some awesome book conversation!  Can’t wait!

Brief interlude – My classes this semester are awesome!

Mondays and Wednesdays I have my Intro to Business Management class at the Riverside campus, which is only 1.7 miles from my apartment, so I walk, and it is the best feeling in the world!  The class is a good size, about 20ish people.  My professor is hilarious and reminds me of my dad/ a football coach/ a minister.  He made sure to stress that in class we use the K.I.S.S. method.. Keep It Simple, Stupid!  Haha.  Show up to class + read the book = pass the test.  Easy as that.  Also, he just got a hip(?) replacement and is on some “nice drugs” during class.  Haha.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have my Business Mathematics class and International Business Principles class at the Rio Grande campus.  Since this campus is much further, I drive, and I always find amazing parking in the parking garage!  I am the master at manifesting good parking!

My Business Mathematics class is SO EASY!  I thought since it is “mathematics for business and economics,” I would be dealing with some harder stuff, but nope!  I forgot how much I enjoy taking math classes until this semester!  I am so good at it!  Math is just a simple mind game; it’s like playing Sudoku or something.  My professor is great and I can tell he has been teaching math for a long time.  He teaches at a very steady pace and has a calm voice.  I am sure this is helpful for the people who have more trouble with learning mathematical concepts.  I really like that I have my math class as my first class of the day because it wakes my mind up for deeper thinking in my International Business Principles class.

My International Business Principles class is my favorite class of the semester!  There are only 9(?) students and about half of us are internationally born/raised.  Such a great mix.  My professor is fantastic.  He has been working with international imports and exports out of Texas for over 25 years!  He is so knowledgeable.  His teaching style is great because he makes it more conference-style with the class being so small.  He likes to walk around and make eye-contact and hand gestures while teaching.. so we (my new friend, Coliman, and I) set up the desks to create a crescent facing him.  This makes the flow of the class much smoother and even more open-discussion style.  Not to mention (!!!) my favorite professor from last semester (who teaches the Philosophy of Ethics class I took), Professor Carolyn Bottler, has a course in the same classroom as my International Business Principles class just before it starts, so I get to see and chat with her occasionally in passing!

This is going to be my best semester yet! <3

Ok, back to adventure time, haha:

Monday I went to work at my awesome job!  I love my boss, Dinah, so much!  I know she really appreciates the work I do for her and she is constantly giving me compliments and more work to do!  <3

On Tuesday, Dan and I hit up the Austin Poetry Slam, as usual!  Before we went, we finally exchanged Christmas presents with each other, haha.  I got him a special edible treat and he got me two great little books!  They are “The Gashlycrumb Tinies” and “The Epiplectic Bicycle” by Edward Gorey!  Such synchronicity in the author’s last name and the type of art he produces!  The books are pen & ink drawings with little twisted subtitles/ story lines to go with the sketches.  They are now coffee-table books in my living room!  Thanks Dan!  (:  So, at the Slam we were judges again!  It was so much fun!  Our team name was “Red Fish, Blue Fish” and the reason we qualified was “because we’ve done it before, DUH!”  Hahaha.  We are seriously awesome judges, and the poets that night were parallel in comparison!  I can’t wait until next Tuesday when we go see the Woman of the World Slam with some of my favorite ladies on stage!  <3  Massive boners for so many of the “regular” poets.  Gah.

Side note:  Tuesday was also the 22nd birthday of one of my longest-known friends, Mark.  Happy 22nd!  <3

Wednesday was a night full of me being ridiculous.  I got hammered with my neighbor, Curtis, at Jalisco’s on South Congress.. then came back to the apartments and drank more wine..  Yikes!  But I woke up on Thursday hangover-free and made it to class on time!

Thursday night was the start to many great nights to come!  I met up with Jessica, Kelly, Emily, and Allyssa (members of SoLD .. for our first group dinner outside of facebook) at Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse!  We enjoyed some delicious vegan dinner together and even more appetizing conversation!  I can’t wait for our next meeting!  After Emily and Allyssa parted from the group, Jessica, Kelly, and I went back to their apartment and continued riding the high energy wave well into the night!  I did my first podcast with them for The Popular Podcast!  Bahahaha!  What a trip!  I love you ladies so much!  <3

Yesterday, Friday, I went to work again for a few hours, then met up with my friend Molly for a friend-date at Chuy’s on Barton Springs!  I love meeting with Molly!  Every few weeks we get together for Mexican food and margaritas and catch up with each other!  I am so grateful she was my roommate because we now have such a beautiful friendship!  After dinner I met up with Keaton for more drinks and more great conversation.  (:  We were going to go hookah… but instead we drove around for an hour or so to four different places, but they were all packed, sketchy, or nonexistent.  Haha.  Just driving turned out to be a lot of fun.  No matter what happens, we are having a good time.

Finally, last night, I had the best lucid dreams!  Keaton (in real life, while we were hanging out) had told me about when he was camping on the beach they made a bonfire and would take shovel-fulls of embers and throw them into the ocean and it looked like fireworks.  Then I had a dream where I did this!  And the embers did really turn into fireworks because I was causing them to do so!  I had another dream where I was meeting up with different people from different classes discussing weird things.. and I was making decisions and guiding the dream and the people to do whatever I was wanting them to do!  For example, I would think of questions to ask and think of the answers I would be given, then really ask those questions and get those predicted answers!  It was such a cool experience!

Can you believe all of this happened within seven days?!  My Nows are so packed full of adventure!  I should probably do updates more often..  (:  In conclusion, I love my life & you too!  <3

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