My First Feminist Meeting

Last semester, I was invited by a peer in my Philosophy of Ethics class, Brittney, to go to a feminist meeting held every other Wednesday at The Q Austin (the feminist group is called Steel Vaginas!  How cute is that?).  Because I support equality well over 1000%, I was very much so interested in the invitation.

Well, tonight was my first night going to the meeting.  I had missed the first half, but made it to the second half where we discussed readings by Bell Hooks and Charlotte Bunch.  Both are arguing for change, but in different ways.  I would go into detail, but I don’t want this post to be about the readings, but about the amazing people I met there.

There was such a diverse crowd, maybe 15-ish people.  I loved hearing all the different opinions and ideas.  I loved how everyone was so open for discussion and so comfortable, so easy.  I loved the support everyone had for each other.  I loved all the synchronicity.  I loved the art!  Oh man, do I love the art there (local artists; original pieces).  I can’t wait to purchase some of it (the proceeds go to the Q!).   <3

I am so very grateful Austin has things like this.  I am so grateful that I was invited by Brittney.  I am so grateful I met her in my Philosophy of Ethics class.  I am so grateful I was able to participate tonight.  I am so grateful I will be able to go back and talk to all those wonderful people again.  I am so grateful I will be able to share this experience with others.  I am just so grateful.  Thank you.

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