“Stick Out Your Tongue”

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“Stick Our Your Tongue” by Ma Jian

Thank you Kelly Mullen for this beautiful book!  It is about a Chinese writer who travels Tibet and encounters some pretty haunting yet magical events.  This book was originally published in China and because of its contents there was a blanket ban placed on Ma Jian’s work.  Though this book has vivid details and emotional swings, I don’t have any favorite quotes for you.  You will just have to read it!

“The Most Beautiful Woman In Town” & Other Stories

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“The Most Beautiful Woman In Town” & Other Stories by Charles Bukowski

Oh Charles Bukowski, with his womanizing & crude humor, you really have to be in the mood to read his work.  He is a quite the character.  Most of the stories in this book seem like journal entries.  Maybe that is what this book is, just a collection of journal entries.  There is very little concern for grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and the like.  It consists mostly of drunken experiences with his companions or whores.  Haha, needless to say, this book kept me entertained.  Now some ridiculous/hilarious quotes for you:

“I knew the sound.  It wasn’t a slap.  Most good pimps are worried about puffing up the face.”

“I ate all the cat food I could – death tasted worse.  Then I walked over to the bush and climbed back into it.”

“‘Shit it’s hot.  I wish I were deader than yesterdays Kotex.'”

“‘Well, since we are all insane there are only a few to control us, far too few, so they just let us run around insane.  That’s all they can do at the moment.  For a while I thought they might find some place to live in outer space while they destroy us, but now I know that the insane control space also.'”

“‘I don’t want no grind, daddy-o.  Don’t put me in no flip-out cage.  I just want to laze around.  What the shit.'”

“[…] and one night while drinking we saw a man’s body fall past our window.  It was an odd sight, something like a joke, but it wasn’t any joke when his body hit the pavement.”

“Each woman fucked just a bit differently, and that’s what kept a man going, that’s what kept a man trapped.”

“Wine preserves.  Got endures.  The whores blow on.”

“‘Is that why you wear them tight pants, to make your asshole sweeter?'”

“‘Because if I’m not happy I’m no good and I don’t want to be no good.'”

“A male and one other kind.”

“I waited out there while she took her sleepy female piss.  God, they were SLOW!  The cunt was a very inefficient pissing machine.   Dick had it all beat.”

“Only the poor knew the meaning of life; the rich and the safe had to guess.”

“I went to the crapper and took myself a beautiful beershit.  Then I went to bed, jacked off, and slept.”

“I had been playing with death for some time.  I can’t say we were the best of friends but we were well acquainted.”

“Then there’d be a knock on the door, lightly, oh so delicately you’d think it was a fucking bluebird tapping with one wing, dying, asking for a sip of water.”

“She tasted like raspberry with a slight hint of halitosis.”

“Each time I had to piss I’d see that spider and I thought, well, spider, you’ve got to go, soon.  I just don’t like your looks in that dark corner, catching bugs and flies and sucking the blood out of them.  You see, you’re bad, Mr. Spider.  And I’m o.k.  At least, that’s the way I like to see it.  You’re nothing but a frigging dark brainless wart of death, that’s what you are.  Suck shit.  You’ve had it.”

“Marie created masterpieces that would never be discovered – walking down the street on top of bitches’ heads.”

“‘Bastard!’ said Lincoln, ‘you’re supposed to swallow it!'”